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Just so I understand.

We are now insisting that all gun and gun related companies leave all states that have imposed restrictive laws otherwise we boycott?

Yes, seriously.

Of course, each one of us has our own mind and our own reasons.

Live in a state that is stripping you of your rights, behind the cover of darkness and to take advantage of an emotional issue, and see how your eyes see things. Write your letters, send your emails, make your calls, show up at the rallys and see that they just don't care about our rights and what we want. I will do everything I can to see that every one who voted for these new laws is not reelected. However, there are some fights we won't win because we don't matter.

Any company that chooses to stay in a state like NY, CO and CT and they cannot sell their product to their own residents are not thinking about their customers. Sure, it's a business and we, as consumers, can make the choice to not buy their products because they care more about the money than the principles we are fighting and losing. I will go out of my way to patronize the companies that are pulling out and moving because we are getting jobbed.

Sure, it's not easy to up and move a company. However, states that want them can help a lot. They can offer cheap land, tax breaks and help pay for the actual move. The article said Remington was going to retool so why not do it in a new plant in a new state?

Yes, 1200 jobs lost in NY if Remington moves. I'm sure many will move but if they don't then it sucks for those people. They will still get to vote, though. Maybe they'll think twice about who they vote for. If NYS loses 1200 jobs then that means that the new state gets those 1200 jobs. NYS will lose the taxes generated as well as the corporate profit taxes, etc. The new state will get those taxes. One loses and another wins. People lose jobs and people get jobs. NYS can pay for unemployment for the year for those who they helped put out of work. They don't care, they passed their bill. They don't care about the tax payer, they care about pleasing Obama and Bloomberg.

So, do what you have to do.

Me? I will know where my money is going. If you want to dance with the devil then be prepared for the aftermath. I feel all we have left is to vote these guys out and to choke the companies that fill their coffers. They ignore everything else we do. It's time to hit them in their pocketbooks. Remington staying in new York is a slap in the face to every New York gun owner and to everyone who is living in a similar situation. NY, CO, CT, NJ, etc can kiss my hard earned dollars good bye. They've drawn their line. I've drawn mine. I will do my best to run them out of office and then I'll find a gun friendly state to retire in. As I am writing this I am looking at the check I have to send to CT for my state taxes. That really pizzes me off. They betrayed us.
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