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Before the ammo evaporation I was going every other week (about all I could afford). Now with the ammo shortages, once a month or two. I start w/ 22 semi pistol at about 5 feet using the same hole and if the accuracy is off, I don't go past that. I work on trigger pull (left and right handed). If the accuracy is good, I move the distance out at 5 foot increments until I am at about 20 feet and shoot for good groups. If the aim is still good, I advance up in calibers pending the accuracy (380, 9m, 40 cal). I figure why waste expensive ammo on poor technique. At home, I use a laser and work on the trigger pull using snap caps. Regardless of how I am doing at the range, I also use follow up recoil shot practice in each caliber for usually no more than 5 rounds each just before I finish shooting. I seem to stay consistent on that for some reason even if my steady aim is slightly off.
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