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Originally posted by Gaerek
I won't speak for 57k here, but I imagine that he didn't mean he would shoot until the person stopped moving, regardless of the situation. It's shoot until your threat is no longer a threat. If that means he runs away, you stop. If that means him falling to the ground is what stops him being a threat, then you stop. In any state, shooting a person who is withdrawing from the confrontation, regardless if you were initially justified is a jail sentence waiting to happen. 57k can clarify his own statement if he'd like...that's how I read it when he wrote it anyway.
Actually, you described it very well and I'll only add one thing: if you're shot placement is good with a good defense load that get's the job done, you're home invader isn't likely to be running anywhere and I believe I said shoot until the fight is over.

Pretty good for an Arizonan, but our Chili and Bar-B-que is still better than y'alls! LOL

CZF thanks for the pics, Kev.
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