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Pressure treating, like mete says, would be a great way to go, once you've made the grips. As for how to do that, maybe mete will share info. If you live in or near a big city, you can go to a Woodcraft store to look at wood. Woodcraft carries a lot of 'fancy' woods for woodworkers like me. And you can order it online. As for what size chunks of wood you need, measure the thickness of the grip (just one side of the pistol grip). Should be less than an inch and maybe less than 3/4 inch thick. The length and width of the chunks (per side) are easy to measure. I've got all the tools to cut the chunks to size, but maybe you don't. You can get a scroll saw at Home Depot and use that to cut out the pattern you make on the new wood chunks (draw the pattern on the flattest side, since that's the side that'll be mated to the steel grip frame). Cut outside the lines and then file and sand to the lines. Shaping with a Dremel works pretty good, though it's slow. It's faster with a sharp whittling knife if you have one and are a careful whittler. If so, whittle and then sand smooth with 150 grit and then finer grits. Go slowly. You can always take off more wood, but you can't add it back.
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