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It looks big, heavy, and it seems like it needs batteries for every aspect of this system to function, including the rifle with its weird computer controlled solenoid that fires when it determines is best. You also have to use their proprietary ammunition costing $5-7 a round and is not reloadable. 1000 rounds down range and your $17,000 toy is up to a cost of $22,000.

For $20,000 I could have all of the guns that I can think of off the top of my head that I want to have with enough money left to buy enough brass, bullets, powder, and primers to press tens of thousands of bullets..

So many other things I would want to put $20,000+ dollars into it. This sort of system just sort of takes the fun/skill out of it. So what if you can shoot 1000 yards with a 17,000 dollar weapon system, when that battery dies lets see if you can shoot 1000 yards with a very capable but more conventional rifle/scope.
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