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I think we agree on just about everything, except how to deal with hardware posts. We're eye to eye on software, and even round selection. Working in a gun shop, I spend a lot of time referring people to training groups. I don't get kickbacks or any of that garbage for doing so, but I don't want to be That Guy who hands somebody a handgun and a box of rounds and days, "Now you're all set!"

I like your sig line, and I think it is a good reminder to have attached to every post.


147 standard pressure selection does NOT imply spray & pray. That is the same kind of leap as Piers Morgan saying, "you don't think we should outlaw AR 15s? Oh. So you think pregnant mothers should drive around in tanks, with grenade launchers?"

At this point, I am expecting you to quote this post, and explain how some physicist linked training to sectional density, based on maple bars and gas prices.

You are obviously a well read and analytical person. SLOW DOWN. Don't attack things that aren't involved in the discussion. You have a lot to offer, but you're losing people with some of these posts.
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