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Tueller Holsters

Found this fellow Brian Edgerton of Tueller Holsters - out of Boise, Idaho...and yes, that is awfully coincidental since there is a major well known maker in Boise too. Anyway; I gave him a shot and got back a beautifully made IWB in Cordovan leather with Shark Skin Accents for my Glock 26. This rig rides a little lower for me than the Versa Max II, as I wanted it too, and is every bit the equal in workmanship. Wait time at his web site says about 2-3 weeks! Prices are very reasonable. I liked this one so much I ordered another for my CZ 75 Compact and one for a PPK/S too. He will work with you to build a truly custom rig. This is incredibly comfortable and well made. Think about it, every Summer Special II for the 5" 1911 looks like every other one; how custom is that? Check out his website at
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