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I agree that it is not an irrelevant discussion, but its importance compared to the other three things in my signature (which I saw you referenced) is minute.

An analogy would be spending a lot of time arguing about whether I get better gas mileage from Shell gasoline or Mobil gasoline, while paying no attention to the fact that I drive an F-250 like a race car while you drive a Honda Fit like a grandma. Sure, maybe someone's gas is better, and by all means, use that gas. But if you want significant results, that is not where you will get them.

I am of the opinion that any of the top end bullet designs (Gold Dot, HST, PDX-1, Critical D___, etc) perform so similarly that it is like comparing gasoline companies. I choose to use 147gr because they seem to have less recoil, and I believe get a little better performance out of short barrels because they spend more time in the barrel due to their weight. And I don't want to use +P if I can help it when there is no reason to. I would not lose any peace of mind carrying 115gr or 124gr. I would prefer however, to use JHPs, as I believe there is a substantial benefit in doing so vs. FMJ.

So I realize we are in the hardware forum, but I do think a large majority of the people in this thread, arguing for one or the other, believe it matters, when it really doesn't when taking a realistic view of the situation.
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