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Sig Sauer STX- .45 1911

So I bought my first handgun recently... after wanting a 1911 for years, just never seeming to have the money I finally had the opportunity and the money Went up to the local gunshop only to be told her distributors were sold out of all 1911s other than a couple chambered for .22lr. She said if I could find one online somewhere she'd accept it, so I headed home to look. Found one on auction with 0 bids and 30 minutes left so I jumped on it... after the most nervewracking 30 minute wait of my life, I won it. Made arrangements, paid for it.... waited for it... for what seemed like an eternity.... FINALLY the tracking page said it had been delivered so I called the gunshop only to be told nothing had arrived. WHAT?! I'm sitting here looking at a tracking page that says delivered and has a man's signature.. so she tells me that we need to get ahold of who I bought it from and get it's serial number so we can report it to the ATF as a stolen handgun. At this point i'm torn between wanting to kill somebody and wanting to cry. I waited all that night for the GS I bought it from to open again, as I had called them but had to leave a voicemail. They called me back within 5 minutes of opening the next morning, sounding very worried. She looked up the address where they shipped it, and it turned out they had shipped it to a similarly named gunshop about 10 blocks from where it was supposed to have gone.. so I got they're phone number and called. He told me that yes he had my gun, and yes I could come pick it up!! Thank God...

So anyway, here she is:

Hasn't given me a single problem yet- functioned flawlessly right out of the box (after cleaning of course), also more accurate than I am. Got 158 rounds through it so far, 100 S&b 230gr FMJ, 50 Federal 230gr FMJ, and 8 Buffalo Bore 185gr +p JHP.

Haven't done anything to it yet, but i'm looking at purchasing a Wilson Combat extended slide release as my first mod..

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