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Sfmedic might be on the other side if you know what I mean.

As in being the bad guy??

Yea I agree it should be common sense - fully

let me drill down a bit what Im talking about.

when i get civilian students they show up with the singular goal of bettering their shooting either by polishing existing skills or by adding a new tool to their tactical toolbox.

after reading the above posts I guess im the odd man out here because i dont normally incorporate proactive security or situation avoidance in my normal classes.

I teach TONS of that in my protective services programs - but not during weapons classes.

I do my safety briefs have the students prep their gear get on the firing line or in the apparatus and start the required range commands and run the days session.

Im thinking of consciously writing in some sort of proactive side training or incorporating it into range sessions. Im mulling over exactly what or how that would look. hence my post

I am a firm believer that a lot of encounters can be traced back to poor decisions on the part of the victim in some way or another and not in the 20/20 hindsight sort of way

and no I dont believe staying out of trouble is as common sense as was stated. If it was there would be no use for personal security courses. I have to go to personal security briefings all the time and to this day I dont see them as a waste of time - there is usually a nugget of information or something put out that makes you think - ahh good point

hmmm maybe I could work in a tidbit just before i start my range commands:

all right shooters - you screwed up and hung out in the bar parking lot at closing time and your being robbed - shooters - standby - ......


all right shooters you wore a flashy 30,000 dollar watch and a 4 karat ring on your walk on the wrong side of the tracks and your being robbed - shooters watch your lane ........

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