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Hello, I'm Chris from Northern Central Pa. I've been around guns and hunting all my life. I'm 47 y.o. and am currently raising my 4 y.o. grandson who is my best friend and hopefully the best hunting and shooting partner I'll ever have. He loves all things guns, hunting and fishing! I'm an avid archery hunter as well. Have had most of the reloading equipement now for quite some time, but never found the time to reload. Looking forward to getting into it and teaching my grandson along the way (he's glued to my hip ) I believe that this is the time for all of us to stick together and show all of the nonbelievers that we are responsible gun owners. For the next several years, we will be in the fight of our lives to maintain our 2nd ammendment rights, so please get out there and fight for them (call your senators and congressmen everyday - harrass them - My local congressmen's secretary knows the sound of my voice now and says, "Hi, Chris!") Don't let others fight the fight for you - it will take all of us!!!
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