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I go with the Taurus 732, NAA Guardian, and the Beretta Tomcat, all in .32 ACP as my back up pistols or for carry when in severely humid and hot conditions.

Granted, these are not powerhouses. But they do serve well and there is a case for the .32 ACP and the .380 ACP mini pistols.

I have no problem with shooting a mini-9 gun that has a double recoil spring assembly as that takes a lot of bite out of the recoil. So does a polymer frame.

A Taurus 709 is my primary gun right now in the CCW rotation and a .32 ACP pistol is the back up. No, it wasn't an easy gun to get used to, but it is in the "snub revolver" ballpark of small semi-autos.

Beretta makes a nice model 85 and single stack pistols are just easier for me to hide and use. Yes, it's a .380 ACP pistol. I do understand it's limitations so it is not a problem.

Sig made the 225, I own two of those, are just the right size to be able to be a primary pistol.

Since these are all more than "combat accurate" they serve their purposes well.
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