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Pretty interesting info so far.

Because of the low velocity and often failing to expand traits of the
earlier 147s.

I've never used anything but the old Pro-Load 147 gr. 9mm and then the
Double Tap 147 gr. +P Gold Dot (Bonded Defense series)

That extra 100 fps or so really counts in my book for use in my smaller 9mms
with shorter barrels like the Baby Glocks and CZ 2075 RAMIs.

They also shoot very well from a P-01 or PCR and 75B.

However, I'd now feel confident with the 147 HST or PDX/Ranger loads if I
had to use them.

Otherwise, I'll stick with the much faster, non-bonded 115 grain BARNES

as loaded by Double Tap and Cor-Bon, and a few others these days.

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