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I started a "shoot 1, buy 2" plan in 2000 after the y2k madness. I carried that over into components when I started reloading in 2003. I shoot around 5,000 rounds a year, so it goes without saying I am well stocked in both loaded ammo and components. When times get crazy, (like now), I may scale back to "shoot 1 buy 1", but I try to adhere to the 1/2 philosophy whenever possible. If you see me in line at the local WalMart purchasing my permitted three bricks of .22LR, you can safely assume I had some fun over the weekend.

I've made the mistake of telling a few people about my stockpile, and some have told me that it's people like me that are the root cause of the current shortage. I don't see it that way at all; my purchasing pattern has been constant for 13 years, and will continue unchanged into the foreseeable future. If anything, I'm shooting less because ammo is so hard to come by, and I'm really, really, hard-core about my 1/2 program. IMO, you can lay today's shortage at the foot of people who have assumed ammo was an unlimited commodity like milk, eggs and butter, and not a political football, with price and availability subject to the tragedy or politics of the day.

As for waiting for gun bills to hit the trash heap, and I agree most will; but consider we are only one election cycle from a 2A sheetstorm should the Dems win the house in 2014. No need for panic buying, but a steady acquisition of ammo and arms is not the worst thing you could do with your spare cash (IMHO of course). And VOTE in 2014.

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