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Just read this thread with some interest...

Just a few thoughts : -
Here in NZ it's illegal to carry a gun and there is also no real need to do so BUT if I was to carry a gun there is no way on earth that I would carry a gun that had malfunctioned more than once in the dim and distant past, I mean what's the point?

I would carry a revolver because what's the use of carrying a gun that can't be relied on to go bang every time you pull the trigger? It's bad enough when it happens down at the range with miss feeds and stovepipe jams etc on an auto/semi auto.

If the threat couldn't be sorted out with 6 rounds of .38 or .357 then you were in a no-win situation from the start and probably needed an AA12 or a Mini-Gun.

Also I would only ever use Factory ammo so there's very little chance (however small that chance may be) of a cartridge with no load in it and the primer just pushes the bullet into the forcing cone and you can't open the damn cylinder, not what you want when that leaves you the only option of turning your back and trying to run away.

Can you still get Scorpion Hydra-shock and Black Tallon in .38 these days?



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