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S&W Model 66, a few questions

Ok, today I learned something new... I went to the same range I did before, this was my third trip since I started shooting again.

* On my first trip I thought I was shooting model 686 with 6 shots cylinder and I liked it very much. It was comfortable and accuracy was surprisingly good considering I did not hold a gun in my hand for about 15 years.

* On the second trip I was shooting what I though was 686 with 7 shots cylinder and while I liked it too, I felt that I liked the first one a little better. While very-very similar, accuracy was not as good and overall feeling not quite as comfortable for some reason.

* On the third trip, today, I asked for a 6 shots revolver and I was given what I though was the same gun I had first time. Better accuracy, better feeling than 7 shots I had the previous time.

Well, later I noticed that the model of the gun was 66-7, not 686! Now I am puzzled. I know the differences between two models (K vs. L, etc.), but I never checked model numbers on my two previous visits. Now I am thinking I was probably shooting 66-7 first time, 686+ second time, and 66-7 today. Unless model 66 ever came with 7 shots cylinder and it's all in my head...

I have a couple of questions now: did model 66 ever came with 7 shots cylinder? And also does S&W still makes model 66? I could not see it on their web site. The last question is more subjective and open ended. Can such a little difference as between these two models really effect an accuracy on the 20 yards range or is it more about individual guns?

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