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Hello Again Bob,

Ha! Yeah this may seem like a bit of work but that 's just the kind of thing that gets me interested. I've done more complicated stuff before so this doesn't deter me.

Thank you for all the detailed information. Good to have a detailed plan.

Steel or brass? - both. The backstrap is steel but I am using a brass squareback triggerguard from a '51 Navy. If the holes are only off by less than 0.125" I may just drift the hole in the guard over and use/fabricate a screw with a larger shaft and head.

I have been thinking to have the triggerguard nickel plated - I'll wait until I see how the assembled unit looks and decide then.

Of course I will have to work on the grip too - it is a one piece grip so I'll probably just hog out the inside to accomodate the mainspring and lug.

The Blackhawk I have is a late-70's production. Hopefully that will mean the rear lugs on the backstrap will line up as is.

I am also replacing the ugly aluminum ejector rod housing with a nice steel one. I also have an early model "ring" type ejector lug to make the pistol look all that much more "period" as well.
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