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Next time you're handling one of those $1,200 Kimbers, take a REAL CLOSE LOOK at the PLASTIC mainspring housing... And people complain about MIM parts!
Funny... STI doesn't hesitate to use plastic MSH's on some guns that run $2000+

I have never had a problem with any of my personally owned 1911s and I've owned from a $200 RIA up to custom built guns.

Only one I personally ever had issues with is a girl I was dating bought a SA Loaded stainless and it seems that the slide release was not properly fitted and would start to rid out and catch the slide. I work for a gun smith shop so I sent it out for her to SA, and they took care of the issue.

I have seen ALL of them with issues, weather its a cheap Armscorp all the way to a Les Baer, things can and do happen. Not trying to poke fun at anyways guns, however I can honestly say I see more Colts with issues on a monthly basis than I do Kimbers. Not trying to deem which one is better, could be there are just more Colts out there, however I personally don't favor them.

Everyone rags on MIM parts these days but really almost ALL production guns use them, including Colt. I don't like Colt 1911's even though I love the 1911 platform. I am sure people will read this and cringe, but I really do find them sub par. The materials they use are better than most, and they are the original sure, but generally speaking they are fitted fairly loose or poorly at least in the examples I have owned, and they do not offer a lot of options in their line. I am excited to get my hands on one of the new Colt rail guns, and see how it compares to my Kimber Desert Warrior however.

With any brand come bashers as well as people that think there could never be something wrong with them. People love to bash Kimber but really they held the Marines MEU pistol contract for years, and LAPD SWAT still uses Kimbers, which shoot and train a lot more often than your standard beat cop that packs a Glock.

Between the two however since they are common price points, I would prefer Springfield over Kimber. I have a Lightweight Champion Operator, and a TRP both of which have been great guns, and Springfield is always pleasant to deal with if I ever did run into an issue.
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