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S.649 (Base Gun Control Bill) Scheduled for Thursday Vote

Currently, there are 14 Republican Senators who are filibustering the motion to proceed with debate on S.649 (the base Senate gun control bill from the Dems). Senator Reid has filed a motion for cloture (end the filibuster and start debate). He needs 60 votes to succeed. Realistically, it will probably succeed because many Republicans want to see Dem Senators forced to make a tough vote and they will vote for cloture.

If Sen. Reid is successful, then S.649 will be opened to the floor for debate and additional amendments - anything that can get 51 votes can get amended to S.649 at that point. There will be lots of gun votes.

Once all the amendments have been offered, we will have one more chance to filibuster the entire amended bill (the motion to end debate). We need 41 votes to pull that off.

Mods, should we start an official thread to follow the debate on Thursday?
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