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My SG CMP M1 saw service from 1943 into the 70's.

Seems in pretty good shape, but some rounds aren't ejecting far enough to chamber another round. I want to give the gas tube a good scrubbing.

I think we used Simple Green on M16's, M60's and M9's because it was "green" and CLP isn't. The federal govt is the first to suffer from its own stupid policies.

We continued to use CLP in the field. We used brake cleaner or hot water when we were lazy. We were even allowed to use a Safety Kleen sink, but that was 1 sink per 40 men.

I note that the bore cleaner that Beeman airguns sells is just Simple Green, but airguns have seals that are easily damaged by firearm products. I personally see no point in cleaning the bore of an unrusted airgun, even a match gun.
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