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I like to use the first distal joint on double action revolver trigger pulls...preferably staging the trigger to just before the sear breaks, and press or sweep back the trigger in it's final stage.

For single action 1911's: "Grasp the pistol so that the bore is aligned with one's forearm, place the first pad of one's trigger finger on the trigger. Ideally the pad should be straight across the trigger. If the pad is angled toward the muzzle, the trigger is too long and one is having to stretch to reach it {this works against the desired straight-back trigger press}. If the trigger seems to naturally fall toward the crease/joint of the finger, then the trigger is to short.

If one must while wearing gloves, it is often a good idea to go with a shorter than optimal trigger, as the 1911's trigger guard is none to roomy to start with."
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