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Gun safe stuck

This is my first and only post here, please correct me if I do anything wrong

I have a sentry gun safe model no. R2210 serial no. 514728, it is a key safe with horizontal locking bolts. It has been a little hard to open the past year or two, but as long as I could get it open with a little weight applied to the door I was ok with it. But a few days ago when trying to open it, the handle only turned so far. The key is now stuck in it and the safe wont open. I have noticed the bolts sagged a little bit off center of the holes before. Now I can feel them attempting to unlock, but the top bolt seems to be snagging. I have thought about flipping it upside down so gravity would release the snag, but I don't want to damage the guns.

I have emailed the customer service at sentry, but they are no help. I need some advice from someone who cares a little more. Please help me as much as u can, as I need it open before turkey season this weekend. Thanks

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