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Originally Posted by 2ndsojourn
If Grandpa's & Grandma's rifles and shotguns were made before the date of the law, how can the law be enforced?
This problem is particularly acute if you consider the millions of pre-GCA rifles and shotguns that were produced without serial numbers.
Originally Posted by patrickmn
From my experience, a lot of people who have bought guns at their local store thought the form was registration. Those people won't think twice about supporting real, national registration. When registration starts, those people won't register their guns because they think they already have. More accidental felons.
I hadn't considered that, but IMHO you're right- that's a very serious potential problem.

Other potential and similar issues with registration, 2A issues aside:
  • People may confuse state registration with federal registration. (Do NOT assume that states will readily hand their registries over to the Feds, even the vehemently anti-gun states.)
  • The registry will inevitably wind up rife with errors. There will be registry entries for a Ruger model "253-654xx" rifle with serial number "10-22", and for a S&W model ".38 S&W SPECIAL CTG." revolver with serial number "MOD 10-6".
  • People may assume that a deceased relative "registered" the firearm, and that this registration (magically) carries over to them because their relative's will was recorded at the county courthouse.
  • Con artists may begin fraudulent "registration services" to scam people out of their money and/or find out where the desirable firearms are located so they can burglarize owners' homes.
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