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We need some TFL votes for our photo.

I have once again entered my daughters in a photo contest that has every year. However this year the semi-family picture was chosen (wife did not want to be in the picture so she took it). We have won in the past and we use the winnings to fund my girl’s weapons and training. My girls do pretty much everything I do so it is imperative that they too have the equipment to participate.

They have been going hunting with me since they were each 2 ½ years old. They help me Range Officer and sometimes shoot in Tactical 3-Gun Competitions. They help field dressing and processing our harvest. They fish, camp and help me cook as well. I have even taken them to the Lone Star Medics 2 day “Medic 1” class. They are my pride and joy and I really feel sorry for any boy that may try to take advantage of them because that boy should worry about what the girls will do to them before I get a hold of them.

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