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In California, carrion-eating crows along highways were sometimes killed by vehicles. It was wondered why some 98% were killed by trucks and only 2% by cars. They finally figured out that the watch-crow could call out, "Cah," but could not say, "Truck."
Too funny.

I am considering crow hunting here soon as I just bought my combo licence in VT for fishing this weekend. Looked to see what else is in season and crow comes to mind. I do have a mouth call ad I have seen a few around.

My hunting shotgun is a Mossberg 535 that is currently at the mother ship getting worked on.

I do have a rosi trifecta that is actually Mrs. Vermonters only hunting gun. It is a single shot and I do have a 20 Ga modified. Any chance of that working?

Regards, Vermonter
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