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Up here in the northern reaches of Canada ; We are experiencing the same if not worse primer and powder shortage.
Certain IMR powders are still made here so they are a little easier to obtain, but no primers are made in Canada.
The only pistol primers I have been able to purchase have been CCI 350's.
I have used these successfully in my 45 colt rifles with Red Dot and 4227 powders in the past but have been using Power Pistol - 11.1 grains and the Ken Waters load of 12.0 grains of 800X lately.
These loads are not fireball loads by any means just my best accuracy loads with which I am well satisfied to shoot targets or bigger game as I see fit.
Can anyone tell me if the CCI 350 are HOTTER magnums and if a 1 1/2 grain reduction in my loads of 800X or P.P. would be a good starting point to work up from again?


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