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Depends where you are.

I am not sure what part of virgina or what your climate is like.

For me in Vermont I will spend a premium on gear that I believe will keep me warmer and dry. This goes for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, skiing, and working in the outdors. This is not snobbery so much as If I believe something is heads and tails better than the alternitave I will pay a bit more. I bargan shop and I tend to always get things on sale.

I don't obsess over all my camo matching but I want it comfertable and warm. Also to me I like technical clothing that keeps you warm with out adding so much bulk that you look like the pillsberry dough boy.

As for boots I have a pair of pack boots from cabelas and frankly I spent all last hunting season in a pair of camo colored knee high rubber boots that were completely water proof and are 1000 grams of insulation. Those and a pair of socks were perfect and allowed me to hunt some areas that I had not previously because of stream crossings.

Nothing wores than seeing a fella in a brown carhart jacket during deer season with no orange on BTW that is just asking for a bullet. Exceptions being if you are on your own land and expecting no other hunters. Even then I wear no brown during deer season.

Regards, Vermonter
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