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weapons on safe and finger off the trigger unless actively engaging a target.

-book answer-

if the trigger finger isnt on the trigger - the trigger isnt going to pull itself

-just saying- :-)

i remember when the army transitioned from the 1911 to the M9.

I had one of committees teaching one of the courses at Special Warfare Center and Schools (SWC) that required A LOT of handgun training.

this rule was a pain for all the 1911 gunslingers when they were put on the protimers because muscle memory had them sweeping safeties in reverse until they trained out of it.

Im not admitn to nothn but.......

I imagine if you filmed me all day on the ranges - A good photo analyst might maybe possibly be able to distinguish a red dot on the rear of my Beretta slide while its in my holster if he looked real close .
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