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Hello Bob Wright,

Thank you for your information and for the direct question about what I am looking to do. Sorry for having been away from the discussion for a couple days.

I did post some follow up information but it seems to have been buried in the discussion.

My Intention :

1) I have a New Model Blackhawk in 41 Magnum.

2) I want to attach grips and grip frame from a Cimarron Thunderer (very different shape grip from the SAA or Blackhawk) - the frame has the same hole pattern as a Colt SAA as it is an Uberti clone.

I was once told that this can be done - but now believe that some amount of rework would be required. I happen to be a degreed Mechanical Engineer with years of experience doing metal work on cars and guns so I don't see anything as impossible. If all I need to do is weld over and re-drill a hole or three I will probably go ahead with this project. I am just wondering what I am up against.

I also happen to be out of the country right now so I don't have access to any of the parts I need to check to figure this out.
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