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"...bleed-out resulted in a psychological stop because the perp realized he was bleeding? I like that one!"


3 separate sentances.

"(1) He did not hit the CNS. (2) Blood loss was a factor [ the event]. (3)The event ended with a psychological stop."

This is not the same as saying that the psychological stop was the result of the shooter realizing that he was bleeding. I can see where it could be read that way, but it should also be evident that those sentances could have been intended to be independent statements.

In this case, the officer fired until the threat stopped. The threat stopped by dropping his weapon, and turning to attempt to flee.


I see that you say: "If I have to shoot someone, I won't stop shooting until I know they've collapsed and are definitely incapable of continuing any form of aggressive behavior. Period."

In Oregon, that's a ticket to jail.

There are 3 things required for a defensive shoot to be justified, here: Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy. If I am shooting, and the threat drops a weapon, and turns to flee, I can't keep shooting until he collapses, because my life is no longer in jeopardy. While he is still technically capable of continuing some form of aggressive behavior, he has dropped his means of presenting lethal force. Ability and jeopardy are out of the equation, and my continued use of lethal force would no longer be warranted.

To clarify: If the threat stops shooting, but continues to face me, he still has Ability, and I am still in Jeopardy. In this case, continued use of lethal force is justified.


Going off a combination of gel testing and street performance is exactly what I do, for exactly the reasons that you highlighted.

As far as "shooting for the CNS" goes... I think the majority of us train to aim for CoM. When I've referenced the CNS in this thread, it has basically been to highlight how rarely CNS hits come into play. The clear majority of stops are psychological stops, or the rate of handgun deaths would be considerably higher than 1/7. We're on the same page there, as well.
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