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Originally Posted by tahunua001
open carry, the ability to possess and maintain a firearm on your person WITHOUT a license or permit as a prerequisite.
What you describe is Constitutional Carry. Open carry is simply carrying a weapon where it can be easily visible.

Originally Posted by tahunua001
say you have a van full of punks ready to knock off a store and just as they are about to bumrush the door they see a group of guys like the OP describes, wearing camo and flashing guns on their hips, do you honestly think that those guys are not going to think twice before going through with a heist?

ok that is a highly hypothetical situation but the general idea remains. in a society where people actually execute their right to open carry, the perception of firearms ownership among the general public becomes much heavier, it becomes much more apparent just how many people have firearms and aren't afraid to use them. this would be a serious deterrent for premeditated violent crime because it would just go to show that there really is no such thing as a 'safe place' for crime.
I agree, this is a hypothetical situation. Unfortunately, the evidence of OC deterring crime is as sparse to non-existent as the evidence suggesting OCers are the first targets.

Originally Posted by tahunua001
any guess why schools and ironically military bases have become the hot spot of choice for deranged lunatics?
I think we can all agree that Gun Free Zones are not safe, and that no sign keeps people from carrying a gun- regardless of one's intention. How many times have we seen posts from CC folks (of whom I am one) suggesting that someone carry a weapon concealed despite the property owner's preferences (i.e. "concealed means concealed.")
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