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S&W 15-22

There is a range opening that is selling the 15-22 for $499, I seem to remember them being in the mid-400's and I know there are cheaper alternatives like the Mossberg 22. Is 499 a good price? Or is that the sort of price that is good but still could be better once the prices go back to normal?

Any additional thoughts relating to the 15-22 and other tactical .22's (I'd do the Ruger 10-22 if the ZK22 wasn't so back ordered :P) are gladly welcome.

This would be a first gun, however as far as shooting I do love the feel of 9mm, 38 special, and .45 . I liked shooting the Ruger Mark II but some other .22's were a little boring, but I have watched many videos of people loving the 15-22. Thoughts to that? As money is thin currently. I know I'm in the rifle forum but I do tend more towards pistols, revolvers and EBR's Might laugh at me but was also thinking of a Hi-Point 9mm Carbine.

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