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It always amazed me when people say things like, "When I shoot, I shoot for CNS, I don't need a JHP; FMJ works fine for me!"

Since when would we not use the (proven) best tool for the job, especially when our lives are in the balance? It's not about killing, it's about stopping.

I agree () with 57k here. Many people who "die" from a defensive shooting wound go on to kill other while they're dying. Going off mortality rate to determine which round to use is senseless and dangerous. A round that does well in "controlled" gel testing AND has a proven street record is you best bet for picking a round. As 57k correctly pointed out, gel testing is only part of the story, and is the reason the FBI chose three very poor performing rounds in a row.

Let's also try to remove anecdote from this discussion as well. Practically everyone can find an anecdotal story to "disprove" someone's position. I can probably find dozens of stories where someone was stopped effectively with a .22LR. I can also probably find stories of people using .357 Mag 125gr JHPs (a proven effective stopper), where they fired and hit several times without the BG stopping.

There are so many factors in play from the moment the bullet leaves the barrel, until it gets to it's final location that can affect what happens to the target. A perfect CNS shot with practically any round will most likely stop an attacker. But CNS shots are tough when you're not on a square range. A good JHP round designed for self defense, though admittedly doesn't work every time, will give you the best chance to stop your attacker, and prevent over-penetration, while conferring very few drawbacks.

If I have to shoot someone, I won't stop shooting until I know they've collapsed and are definitely incapable of continuing any form of aggressive behavior. Period.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
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