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Sir, please TURN OFF the lectures on Fackler, Roberts, etc. They are completely irrelevant with regard to anything that I have said.
Well, maybe not irrelevant for some others. And bleed-out resulted in a psychological stop because the perp realized he was bleeding? I like that one! Maybe it will also result in the officer training/learning to shoot a little better.

There are, however, a good number of shooters that believe in bleed-out as a dominant factor in terminal ballistics when in fact many times a perp has been fatally shot and goes on to kill others while bleed-out is occurring, as in the case of the "Miami Shootout" that was brought up. There are any number of factors that can result in a psychological stop and all shooting events are totally unpredictable. That's why we train to shoot until the fight is over whereas some LE agencies may have a mandate to stop shooting as soon as the officer determines the perp has given up the fight. LE shootings are always subject to a review board that determines whether or not a LE officer followed his/her departments policies on shooting incidents. In some cases, that has happened as reported in the One-Shot-Stop data from Marshall & Sanow where their definition of a One-Shot-Stop is where the perp was killed, gave up the fight after being shot, or collapsed and did not move over 10' from his shooting position. And they were criticized for including those events.

Different states have different laws regarding the use of deadly force and anyone that carries a handgun for defense should be well versed in his state's laws. Some of this is covered during concealed carry licensing training. To what extent varies from state to state so ultimately the burden in familiarization of deadly force law is incumbent on the individual carrying or defending their home. In Texas for example, if someone invades your home, they have signed their own death warrant. For that reason I train to shoot till death do us part. I'll let God sort out the details at his convenience. What I don't do is practice shooting for some eventuality or hypothetical situation. If I have to shoot someone, I won't stop shooting until I know they've collapsed and are definitely incapable of continuing any form of aggressive behavior. Period.
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