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Valley forge, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "give the man some useful advice". I would like to see you take your own.
I inherited my grandfather's old Remington 552 speedmaster. I was told it was broken and wouldn't fire. He wasn't of the tinkering sort and the rifle found its way to the back corner of a shed. Not a nice insulated temperature controlled garage. A shed. It had thirty years of dust and rust on it when it was given to me. Six hours worth of disassembly, scrubbing of each individual component of the entire firing mechanism, a good bore scrub, some oil on the stock, and reassembly netted me a fully functional rifle that looks like hell and shoots like heaven.
Sir, your advice is the worst I have seen on this forum to date. A gun buyback for a pre-64 winchester of unknown condition? Seriously?
So many little time....
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