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Re: MCARBO Trigger Mod on Marlin 795

Originally Posted by jimmythegeek View Post
I have the kit, but I decided yesterday at the range the old trigger was good enough for the upcoming Appleseed. Maybe I'll put it on my stainless 795 that has a scope mounted and keep this one a little rougher around the edges. You know, the LTR and the Pampered Poodle.
I hear ya'. I have a second 795 that will become my Pampered Poodle. Right now it only has a scope and sling, but eventually I'd like to do stock and trigger upgrades - although the trigger isn't all that bad. It is moderately heavy, but consistent. On my LTR the pull was horrible! I could pick up the rifle by the trigger when it was cocked and ready, and it wouldn't fire (dry fire). And to make matters worse, the pull was inconsistent. In short, I had to do something; it was a bad trigger from the get-go, but I didn't know any better when I got it. I put on the DIP kit not to improve performance but because I broke the original trigger guard by torqing the screws too tight.

In hind sight, I wish I'd taken your strategy and just swapped parts, so I had one 'real' LTR and one Pampered Poodle. That idea really appeals to me; probably for the same reason I want to qualify with with sights when everyone else has a scope. I might yet swap the parts, but it will be after the Appleseed. If I made the swap now then I'd be at risk of not getting to the range before the event. I don't want to swap parts and then have to go with the rifle being essentially unfired and without even being zeroed. I'd feel like an idiot if I slowed down everyone's progress because I came unprepared.

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