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I found some small rifle primers in stock at Midway today - bought 2000 or 2 box's of them. They are Winchesters . That should keep my Contender .357 Mag. loaded up for Sunday afternoons for at least a year of plinking. I prefer CCI or Federal but, you can't be too picky these days... Dang hoarders! Now I am having fun bringing out the pair of 1858 Remington New Army's these days - everyone is impressed with them.

My current favorite plinking Recipe is a 38 spl. cartridge with 4.3 grains of Unique powder and a 125 grain SWC lead bullet. Very nice "flat shooting" and cheap to practice with. Not as cheap as a Federal 550 or a 525 .22 cal box - but still, very affordable.

I only have one rule... "Most of all - Have fun!"

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