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Just bought a 22/45 target for my 5'2" wife who has very small hands and she absolutely loves it. We went to a gun show and she picked up every .22 pistol in the whole place (almost), and the 22/45 was her favorite. She liked the Lite version as well but said that she thought the weight of the target model would help steady her hands. She has only put about 150 rounds through it so far but she she's still happy with it and her accuracy is improving with practice. I can shoot 10 in one ragged hole with it at 25 yards and I'm sure the pistol is still accurate farther out than I am. I still prefer my MK III but it is heavier than the polymer framed 22/45 and too heavy for my wife to shoot comfortably. It goes to show a little weight one way or the other makes alot of different for small armed/handed shooters.
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