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Well, with the best of intentions, I would disagree with that.

I've taught four, ten, twelve and sixteen hour defensive handgun courses.

In all four, I have consistently run out of time, and I could probably run out of time if I had two weeks with my students.

As a result of that, I end up picking and choosing what to teach, and the majority of time is spent on the draw. The next big time sink is low-light, and then probably moving while shooting.

So most of the time (teaching for a given range means teaching what that range tells you to teach, and for you, personally, pax, it sounds to me like that has influenced your beliefs. Didn't you learn what you know from Marty Hayes?) it comes down to a mandated curriculum that runs up against a time barrier.

Here in northern Puget Sound, the most heavily mandated range, by far, is Kenmore, with a straight-up NRA curriculum, with all the bad things that entails, and then probably Wade's. Two different curriculums, NRA vs. Cooper-Gunsite style, but mandated, in both cases. The least mandated is probably Champion Arms, in Kent, but in that case the lack of a mandate may not be a good thing. The SPD range is probably my favorite, if it's not raining.

So in practice, what that has usually meant, here in northern Puget Sound, is that the class consists of what to do once the fight has started, and how to live through it.

And that is the same, for male and female.

I agree that there aren't very many men capable of teaching women how to avoid conflict. I'm certainly not one of them, and would look askance at most non-professional men who claimed they were.

Vanya, I'm still working (read thinking over how to phrase) on my response to your questions. They appear to indicate that you, at least, have glimpsed what I'm driving at.

I have received one or more PMs and/or emails on this matter. ([email protected], if you prefer to go off-board.)

I do not have permission to quote them here, but this subject has struck a chord among female shooters, and I suggest those of you who emailed me or PM'd me take a public stance. The industry clearly is not willing to change easily, but the industry also clearly listens to what the customers will and will not buy.
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