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Here's an update on my 629.
Well here's an update on my 629.
The dealer I bought it from sent it back to his supplier and the supplier sent it in to S&W with an explanation of what it was doing. S&W had it
for almost 2 months and checked it out good this time. They turned the forcing cone and straightened it out and put in a new cylinder.
It works great now. Doesn't have the sharp crack or the kick to the left anymore.
They could have looked it over good and done that when I sent it down and been done with it. When it's the one's that is buying and selling a
lot of guns from them they do things right. When it's just the owner they figure they can tell you it's all within specs and you will just accept it and deal with the gun the way it is. Shouldn't be that way, but I think most companies are now day's. That's why I appreciate it when I get a
dealer like I got, Newport Gun and Pawn in Newport, WA., and his supplier, Davidson's Inc.. They really care about their customers.
Any way, it's fixed and I'm a happy camper now. Thanks for all the help everyone.
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