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Worked a bit to long and hard on Saturday so when it came time for me and Louann to hit the woods looking for turkeys on Sunday......well.....ain't neither of us the spring chickens we used to it was a little late when we went through the gate.

After talking about we decided that the polite thing to do was not go driving in and screwing up whoever was already in and set up. This decision of course left us out in the woods at sunrise with nothing on the agenda so we came up with Plan B.....go exploring.

The pictures ( Headwaters of Rice Creek near Palatka, Fl. )kind of speak for themselves.

Ended up spending almost 3 hours following the creek and just enjoying the cool morning. Did hear a turkey off in the distance but as this is state land closed to hunting ( Butts up to our place. ) we had only the camera.

All in all another successful hunt.......especially as we did not get to awfully involved with either of the items in the last 2 pictures.

In one you can even see a old logging bridge that was used back when they hauled the old growth cypress out, a stump of which Louann is standing next to in the very last picture.

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