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Walther PP, in original hoster with the German owner's name penciled inside the flap. Given to me by a family friend who served in WWII and said he took it from a German officer who "no longer needed it." I've since learned that some Wehrmacht officers preferred the PP and carried it when they could.

I was about ten when it was given to me--first gun I actually owned, but I never got to shoot it. An attempt was made to steal it and my mother insisted on selling it (to a pawn shop for fifteen freakin' dollars), so I can't post pictures. I had a hell of a time forgiving her for that.

Wish I had it today. It was well made, though the bluing wasn't top quality, and had checkered wooden grips.
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Dad and I made sure my mom thought my BB rifle was just a snap gun. I used to "dry fire" it all the time in the house and she just assumed. I literally cannot imagine her reaction if she caught me shooting at birds with it...
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