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First gun I ever owned was a BB gun pistol shaped like a Maiser c96 and colored a hideous orange. I also had a BB lever action rifle, not a daisy, but a knockoff. i remember i used to sit on my parents shed and shoot birds in the neighbors yard with it.

First "real" gun I fired was a 20GA Stevens that belonged to my grandpa and now belongs to my dad. First real gun I ever owned was a Mosin-Nagant M44 I purchased when I was 19; I actually didn't care for the gun at all and like a month after I purchased it I received a decrepit Mauser rifle that my grandpa sporterized for me. It's got a 2lb trigger that breaks like glass and it works like the day it was made... In 1913. It actually started life as a Gewehr 98.

I hardly ever shot the Mosin, maybe 200 rounds total and I was terrible with it, the sights were actually bent on it so you had to aim about an inch to the right of where you wanted to hit at 50 yards. Unlike other mosins I've seen, it can't hit the broad side of a barn at 100 yards. I sold it for 180% of what I paid for it and baught a shotgun.

So in a way, to me, the Mauser is my first real gun. But the Mosin wins on a technicality...

I would love to have a decent lever gun though, that BB gun was just too much fun and it'de be cool to have the real thing.

Course a real C96 would be nice too...
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