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I am not so sanguine. The views on what the 2nd Amend. covers are defined by political beliefs. Yes, we think it is crystal clear but 5 to 4 isn't Steuben glass. A change in the court would flip it the other way or would have.

I think the current abortion debate is instructive (don't discuss abortion). There seemed to be a clear decision 40 years. Several states are acting against that. It will go to the SCOTUS. Based on the political views of the justices - Roe might be overturned. Same for Heller, IMHO.

To continue after a break. Many decisions are being looked at again. Analogously to the NY, CO, CT, etcl laws - states are challenging what seemed to be a clear decision in Roe. Affirmative action is going through the same process. It all plays to the makeup of the court. So, I'm not counting a precedent. I've thought Scalia left a glaring hole that can what was seen as strong. Yep, we all might have the right to a Biden blaster and that's it.
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