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Originally posted by BuckRub
To flgunguy, you have those guns and carry the XDM ? That the piece of crap compared to all the others. Just me but I don't believe you'd carry the XDM if you had all those others. But I guess it sounds good
Maybe you can enlighten us on the areas of superiority of a Glock compared to an XD/XDm/XDs? Would that be like not having a relieved ejection port on a combat pistol? Glock is the only major manufacturer that doesn't relieve ejection ports and that's as a cost cutting measure and in the case of late gen3 and gen4 Glocks, what pistol has as many brass to the face issues, that could be aided by using a relieved ejection port to go along with those "New and Improved" ejectors that Glock is busy replacing since the kids took over after Gaston's retirement. How about those funky Glock sights? How about the poor casehead support in all their pistols not chambered for the 9mm? How about the tiny rail system in comparison to the very substantial chamberblock/rail system of the XD designs copies from SIG/Sauer? That chamberblock design also provides steel under the chamber where a Glock is polymer, and what, at the cost of 1 to 2mms of higher bore axis? Is the Luger grip angle really superior to the Browning grip angle? How about polygonal bores that require strict attention in shooting cast lead bullets, or a replacement barrel conventionally rifled like the Match Grade barrels that come standard in the XDm? Please, do enlighten us!
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