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This is of interest to me because I used to load a speer, 225 grain jacketed bullet in my 45 auto rim, and it worked just dandy. However it seems that speer bullet is discontinued, and I need to find an alternative. I guess either:

1. use a 200 grain cast bullet which was intended for the .45 colt. It has a crimping groove, or

2. try and figure out if it is possible to use a 250 grain, .45 colt, jacketed bullet in the .45 auto rim, or

3 do the cannelure trick as suggested by uncle nick.

Who makes a cannelure tool? It used to be CH tool and die, but now I think it is CH4D, and they do list a cannelure tool on their website (out of stock, of course). I couldn't discover any other manufacturer. A search at midway came up with nothing.
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