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Lucky Larry (gobbler)

Well, AL Spring gobbler season is underway, I've hunted 7 out of 8 days, killed one jake turkey. Weather has just started to get right, and I have to start back to work tomorrow.

Despite bad weather, I've been on birds, but have only pulled the trigger once. Got busted once, I moved (Geez, just a little too!) and have had several instances where gobbling birds would not answer or come in. Henned up.

I always name "problem" turkeys, and this years bird is Lucky Larry. I have had the gun on Larry 3 times now, but for various reasons, would not shoot. Too far, property line, too thick, etc.

Today I watched the devil for 15-20 mins strut at about 65 yds, but he would not come in, he had a hen in sight and I could not budge her either.

I will try and roost Larry again this evening. If I can get motivated to do it.
Eight days in and I'm so sleep deprived I can't talk right.
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