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It came setup for the 380's and worked like a well oiled machine should.
"came set up for .380". Is this a Lee Turret Press, or a Pro-1000?

If it's a Pro-1000, check out "San Francisco Liberal With a Gun"'s Pro-1000 videos.

Now I have switched over to 38's (I got 3 new dies from Lee) and I can't get it right. It sticks up in the loader/spreader die and I have to put enough force to push the handle down that I am concerned about breaking it.
you need to back up a bit on the adjustment of the expander die. (unless you're by accident running a .357 case through a die adjusted for .38, in which case you need way more than "a bit" of adjustment).

I'm using the TL 358-148 WC mold. Can I use it for 357's too so that I don't need to run any 38's, just 357's? I just seems foolish to make 2 different bullets for the same gun. If I need to I'll get a new mold.
It will work for both .38 Special and .357 magnum. I've never heard of running wadcutters in .357, but I guess it could be done.
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