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Originally Posted by DonJulio
Also can you have 10 in a magazine and one in the chamber? Or is the new law , you can't carry a gun with more than 10 rounds?
Here is what the law says. I'll highlight the parts pertaining to the 10-round limit in red boldface.
(f) Any person who declared possession of a large capacity magazine under this section may possess the large capacity magazine only under the following conditions:

(1) At that person's residence;

(2) At that person's place of business or other property owned by that person, provided such large capacity magazine contains not more than ten bullets;

(3) While on the premises of a target range of a public or private club or organization organized for the purpose of practicing shooting at targets;

(4) While on a target range which holds a regulatory or business license for the purpose of practicing shooting at that target range;

(5) While on the premises of a licensed shooting club;

(6) While transporting the large capacity magazine between any of the places set forth in this subsection, or to any licensed gun dealer, provided (A) such large capacity magazine contains not more than ten bullets, and (B) the large capacity magazine is transported in the manner required for an assault weapon under subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of section 53-202f of the general statutes, as amended by this act; or

(7) Pursuant to a valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver, provided such large capacity magazine (A) is within a pistol or revolver that was lawfully possessed by the person prior to the effective date of this section, (B) does not extend beyond the bottom of the pistol grip, and (C) contains not more than ten bullets.

(g) Any person who violates the provisions of subsection (f) of this section shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor.
The ten-round limitation does not apply in the locations described in Subsections (1) and (3) through (5) [Correction!]. IMHO this implies that it is permissible to load the magazine to full capacity in these locations. Take note, however, that the law specifically differentiates between a person's "residence" and a "place of business or other property owned by that person".

The law never explicitly addresses a round in the chamber, only the rounds carried in the magazine. In my opinion- "not a lawyer" disclaimers apply-10+1 pistol carry is implicitly allowed (with the proper permit of course), whether or not the magazine can hold in excess of 10 rounds.

Also, take note that violating this section is a misdemeanor offense, as opposed to a felony offense like almost every other potential violation of the new law.

[EDIT TO ADD:] Despite the fact that carrying a pistol with an LCM in a 10+1 condition is apparently lawful with the proper permit, if I were carrying in CT, I would probably err on the side of caution and carry 10rd mags to avoid potential legal hassles if I were to slip up and accidentally load extra rounds in a restricted LCM. Furthermore, if I were traveling to the range, I would transport my LCMs empty and load them once I arrive.
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