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Truth be told, I am probably shooting with more police officers than I realize.

When they are at the range, unless they are wearing some departmental gear or a shirt with a crest/shield on it, the average guy like me would not know who they are.

That is a good thing I think. The more officers who go to the range on a regular basis realize not every person with a gun is a threat. It takes some a while to get to that point.

Most of the time, just striking up a casual conversation does not lead one to discuss careers. We might talk about guns and loading and what kinds of guns we have.

I see a few guys coming out with a drag bag loaded up with stuff and looking at the short haircuts, I am thinking military or LE. Most just stick to themselves.

One thing about it though, I ALWAYS have a good time at the range. It is well worth the drive there.

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